Saturday, 21 April 2012

Nightmare Beach

Alright first flick, I'm not gonna really review the movies, give the whole thing away or critique them, just gonna talk about em and post photos. There's enough internet critics out there, man, I just genuinely love old slasher flicks, especially ones that revolve around motorcycles.
 Nightmare Beach(1988), or in America; Welcome to Spring Break. Starring John Saxon (Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas), Michael Parks(Dusk til Dawn, Kill Bill, Grindhouse) and Sarah Buxton(No interesting credits besides "Slutty Kay" in Little Children). Directed by Umberto Lenzi(Cannibal Ferox) under the pen name Harry Kirkpatrick, as he wanted this movie to feel as American as possible.
 So Diablo the leader of the biker gang "The Demons" (clever...) is on Death Row about to be executed, he says hes innocent and swears revenge, but seriously, look at that mother fucker, I don't think so.
Well, they fry him in the electric chair(foreshadowing?)

After he dies they find a dead gravedigger and Diablos body is mysteriously missing. Which never happens in slashers...
 A mysterious biker with a strange bike(Some Japanese bagger piece of shit with a high back king & queen seat, the queen seat/sissy bar are actually an electric chair) shows up in town a year later during spring break and shit starts going down. And by shit I mean topless broads. Being that its spring break this flick has more tits than the average 80s slasher. Or maybe its the Italian director, all the Italians I know are pervs.
 He picks up this young hitch hiker drives her to the end of the road, then proceeds to lift the magic lever and shock the shit out of her. I thought it was pretty cool, but I have a weird interest in electric chairs. 
He doesn't kill everyone with the chair, or even by electrocution, but like any good slasher flicks, the killer is very inventive to say the least.

Is Diablo back from the dead? Or is it a deranged copycat or even a member of The Demons? As soon as they show his bike, and The Demons bikes to me it became clear he wasn't their leader or a member, but that's not how movie makers think, since they rarely understand 1% clubs and their rules. I won't give it away, but like a lot of good slashers, the killer has a need to cleanse humanity of less than savory characters, such as peeping toms, biker bitches, hitch hikers, and prostitutes.
I really like John Saxon as a dirty cop too, does whatever it takes to keep the murders on the DL, being a bad mother fucker.

Lots of boozin', boobs and bikers. This is exactly the type of movie I love to watch. I actually highly recommend this to anyone who's a fan of slashers and Italian Giallo movies, because it does have that slower pace to it. It's just a good time.

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